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Hello there! My name is Joseph Bowles…and welcome to TronSpace Stockworks. I've been closely involved in the local shooting scene here in Southeast Michigan since I landed my first job as a trap boy back in 1976. It's something that gets into your blood, I guess, and can not easily be dismissed as simply a passing phase. I've shot competitively in most of the shooting sports, but I find the shotgun games to be the most alluring, intriguing, and the ones that I feel the most passionate about.  

If there are any questions I can help you with, please, by all means, contact me.  

Good Shooting!  



Customer Testimonials

 "You fixed two 391's so that I could shoot doubles without beating the shooter on my right with empties, you do quick and very good work, quick to respond and get the work back to the shooter " 

Jerry Chipman 

"Joe has been my “go-to” guy for stock work on an assortment of guns over the last couple of years. But where he helped me the most was transforming an A390 trap gun into one of the coolest sporting clays guns around that shoots where I look and feels like a 28 gauge when it goes off. In addition to doing the stock work, he provided me technical help installing a Briley closure and upgrading my trigger. Not to mention, that his innovative hull deflector is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can strongly recommend his work." 

Don Fry Locust Grove, GA 

"I have had Joe install adjustable butt plates and barrel nubs on my Beretta's. His work is excellent and the prices are right." 

Gary in Illinois

"In all my dealings with Joe I have found him to be a honest and honorable individual" 

Don Hoffman

"Joe installed an adjustable comb and hardware on one of my guns, he also welded shell deflectors on two barrels for me, first class work in all cases." 

Pat Burke

"Joe has been working on gun fit for me. Being 6'-4", my factory 391 did not fit me properly. Joe has made a new comb, change the length of pull, installed a new Angleport bolt release, and detail striped the gun, cleaned it and replaced the recoil spring. Joe is planning on shooting some skeet with me and make final adjustments on the gun fit. " 

Mark R.

"Joe has done a lot of work on the Krieghoff I use for Trap and Sporting Clays. The quality of his work is second to none. You will be very happy." 

Barry Kemper ATA All American 



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